Support the 2020 Bulldogs

Midland High Football Booster Club
Welcome to the Midland High Football Booster Club! As part of MHS football, you are joining a rich history of success both on and off the field. The MHS Football Booster Club’s goal is to support and enhance the football program at MHS through volunteer assistance and fundraising programs, while at the same time promoting the highest standards of spirit and sportsmanship. Our purpose is to promote pride, respect, spirit and unity among the Bulldog players, student body, staff, coaches, families and local businesses in our community. In order to do that, the MHS Booster Club relies not only on financial contributions of its members and community, but on the energy and effort of our parents. By working together we can strengthen our current and future Bulldog program. By doing this we can make MHS football one of the best experiences for our children and coaches.
How We Support MHS Football
The funds that we raise are an important source of funding for the MHS football program’s equipment including helmets, shoulder pads, knee braces, blocking dummies, weight room equipment, video equipment as well as equipment for trainers. Funds we raise are donated to feed the team before and after on travel games and our booster funds are also used to help cover the team’s playoff expenses.The end of year MHS football banquet is the highlight for our outgoing seniors as well as the under classmen. Not only is this to honor our football players but our trainers, managers, cheerleaders and dance team. The booster club’s funds help send our kids out with memories they will cherish forever.
We appreciate all our past donors and understand that you have to make decisions that protect your families and businesses. This year we have lowered all sponsorship level donation amounts. Please consider a donation to help the MHS Football Booster Club.
Thank you,
David & Paige Worley
MHS Football